Meaning Of Colors

If your wardrobe is mostly made up of black, blue and gray, you’re like most men. Color seldom makes an appearance for numerous reasons: It’s easier to build a wardrobe around the aforementioned colors (ask a retailer — they’re the top sellers) and some guys really just don’t know how to look good in color.

That’s where we come in. Understanding the meaning of colors is a good first step in figuring out what works for you, because color can have a lot of influence over us and others (as you’ll soon discover). Try wearing white head to toe for a week and begin to observe a calmer you that’s ready for a fresh start. Start integrating burgundy into your work wardrobe and get ready to be taken more seriously at the office.

Here, we walk through the meaning of colors, offer tips on how to wear them and round up some of our favorite picks for spring.


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