Your Style Speaks Volumes About The Kind Of Man You Are: What Is Yours Saying?

For the last two decades, the name Sean McKee has been synonymous with quality, confidence, and appearance. He is a master haberdasher who provides Bespoke suits, shirts, sports coats, and trousers to men who lead. His clients are business owners, CEO’s, top executives, and high performing professionals. He also works with those aspiring for greatness, men who are not yet where they want to be in their careers and lives, but who know that one’s appearance can often dictate reality.


Don’t Let Age Define Your Fashion

Larry’s Corner: Don’t Let Age Define Your Fashion   I need some new suits, okay, I want some new suits. I don’t actually need them, but I like clothes, colors and cool fabrics. I’m 68 (when the hell did that happen), straight, and think the best move for guys my age is to dress well..

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Get It Together – grooming basics for businessmen

      It doesn’t matter how you choose to look at it but one things for sure, many people judge you based on how you look.  You might be a successful business professional making good money, but if you’re not dressed professionally , people will not take you seriously. There are certain grooming basics.

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Tips – Packing for a business trip

Packing for a business trip careful thinking through; you want to have everything that you will need but at the same time you don’t want to have heaps of luggage. If you want to make sure that you have everything that you need, follow these steps. 1. Be sure of your itinerary Most business trips.

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