Customer Testimonials

Paul S. Partner Ernst & Young  Detroit, MI  Client for 12 years

Raw Audio transcripts

Sean: Sean here, I’m here with Paul a good client of mine. We’ve been working together for a long time,  I think for about ten years, twelve years something like that and Paul participates in triathlons, so he’s in pretty good shape. Paul tell me real quick what you like about the service?


Paul: Well it’s a combination of both the quality of the suits, the material is very high quality so it looks good in a business setting but mostly the fit has been right, I’ve been trying to get the fit right at other places and the suits just don’t look or hang right, they just don’t look anything like what a custom made suit looks like. It’s a big difference when I’m in an important meeting and a business setting.


Sean: Especially being in good shape and running, you have a difficult time going off the rack in the fit because It’s just huge in the body and I’m sure they have to cut the pants way down and you end up with something that’s different every time because someone different tailors it every time, so It’s a different cut, different manufacturer, can’t get any consistency I’m sure?


Paul: The pockets are never right and they always come out to the side too much. It just looks bad, so your quality and fit quality have been great.


Sean: Good and what about as far as me coming out to the office and how valuable your time is, is that worth it to you?


Paul: That’s a big help because I do not like going into the store, into the masses with all that stuff , It’s not very convenient and then I end up with large amounts of alterations to get them to fit anywhere close to being right and just the whole combination of things doesn’t suit me well.


Sean: Great well I appreciate it, thanks again



Todd B. Interview owner and CEO of KYDA Technologies Detroit, MI  10 year client


Sean: Ok, hey this is Sean I’m here with a good client of mine his name is Todd and he owns Kyda Technologies out of the Detroit Michigan area technology industry. Todd and I have been working together, known each other for about fifteen years but he has been getting clothes from me for about ten of those years. What do you like best about the service and the clothing?


Todd: Knowing what to wear, what looks good with the other pieces you have to put on in the morning.


Sean: Did you notice a big difference going from off the rack, ready-made clothing to custom made clothing?


Todd: Definitely the not having all kinds of extra material around your waist when you put your shirt on, it’s really nice, it’s a good look when you take you jacket off in a meeting.


Sean: Would you recommend the service and the clothing to others who are thinking about making the switch and spending a little bit more money on custom made clothing as opposed to off the rack? 


Todd: I was just talking to an attorney the other night and he has exactly the same problem buying off the rack, they just don’t fit because of his height. I was showing him my shirt and absolutely I recommend it and I have recommended it to many people who have the same problem.


Sean: Ok great, I’m glad you enjoy the service and I enjoy your business and thanks for the testimonial.



Mark R. Partner in a major Law Firm in Detroit, MI 5 year client


Sean: Hey its Sean here and I’m with a client of mine we’ve just placed an order for some clothing, some new suits and shirts. Mark is an attorney in the greater Detroit area and he’s been working with me for about five years with his clothing. What do you like best about the service Mark?


Mark: The efficiency, being able get you out here as quickly as you can come out and getting the clothes ordered. I don’t have to go to the store and then also as we’ve talked about being able to fit me, when it’s hard for me to get into the store and buy something off the rack


Sean: Yeah because your 5’6 and weigh about 160 lbs. That’s a tough size, you don’t have a lot to choose from in the stores. Are you happy with the selection I’m able to show you with all the shirts, suits, the ties and all that?


Mark: Absolutely, I’m always happy, there’s plenty of choices and when I go to the store to buy a suit off the rack there’s probably five or six suits, here I’m picking from I don’t even know, over a couple hundred.


Sean: Almost too many.


Mark: Yeah too many choices, I got to narrow it down to a color to find something I like.


Sean: Great and would you recommend the service to other people who have maybe not made the jump to made to measure custom clothing and maybe still shopping at the stores as far as quality and convenience and so forth?


Mark: Absolutely very happy with that. I’ve told people that are interested you know it’s a little bit pricier for some people around the office but I’ve definitely told people it’s a great way to buy clothing.


Sean: Great, thanks Mark appreciate it.


Mike and Gwen C. President of A Major Construction Company out of Columbus, Ohio Client for 2 years 


Sean: This is Sean here, hey I’m at one of my client’s house, with him, his wife and kids and we’re having a good time, just got done getting some clothing and Mike’s wife Gwen is the one who likes to buy his clothing. So Gwen what do you like about the service and what I provide for Mike?


Gwen: I like that you come to our house, measure and have the samples here so we can pick out everything without having to actually go to the store and purchase all of that.


Sean: And he’s a lot happier too huh?


Gwen: Yes


Sean: Because Mike you don’t like to shop you said?


Mike: I don’t like to shop, I don’t like dealing with most salesmen because there just always trying to sell you something, so everything they tell me I’m suspicious of.


Sean: Just the pressure when you go into the store right?


Mike: Right,  I’m the type of person that if I’m going to buy something I’ll buy it, I don’t need someone to convince me to buy it and honestly the more someone tries to convince me to buy something, the less I want to buy it, that’s just my nature. I’ve become suspicious of and if I don’t like somebody then whether I like the clothes or not, I just won’t buy it because I don’t want to deal with whoever the knucklehead is.


Gwen: And the quality of the clothes that you have is definitely a perk for Mike because he likes quality.


Mike: Certainly your stuff is better for me, I don’t know in Columbus anyways, Brooks Brothers maybe the closest, not that there even close to you but I don’t personally know of any other…….


Gwen: Well you were going to Tickners and speaking of the salesmen throwing outfits, what about this? What about that? Like no I came for a suit, I don’t want all this other stuff and the pressure of that.


Mike: Right.


Sean: So I think that’s one of the things people have misconceptions about my business because it’s a salesman coming out to your house. You guys it’s been a good experience? I’m not  pushing anything down your throat, I make suggestions and that?


Gwen: Absolutely and that’s why you’ve been here, this is your third time?


Sean: Yes


Gwen: Yep, so for sure.


Mike: I’m the type of person if I didn’t like you or I didn’t like the experience, you wouldn’t be back a second or third time.


Sean: Well that’s great, really appreciate it you guys. Thanks.


Gwen: We appreciate you.